Maintaining a healthy scalp environment is the foundation for great hair.  Nobody wants to try a glamorous style with greasy roots, or deal with dandruff or dry scalp all day.  Flakes are not a good look for anybody.

So get to the root of your problem, and remedy!

A lot of what your scalp is trying to tell you is nutrition related.  It all starts with having a balanced diet and drinking lots of water.  (While you adjust your diet to combat your scalp/hair issues, you can also arm yourself with Davines’ Naturaltech medicated products.)

Selenium, which you can get from a variety of nuts, does amazing things for your metabolism on a cellular level, especially when combined with Vitamin E.  Cell metabolism is important for your scalp simply because it means it can efficiently process the nutrients your hair and scalp needs to be healthy!  Over time, poor metabolism can contribute to undernourished hair follicle cells, which has various negative effects, including hair loss and dandruff.

Get yo vitamins!!  Dark green vegetables and carrots contain high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which encourage the production of your hair’s natural conditioner aka sebum.  Vitamin A also encourages protective sheathing for your hair strands, and Vitamin C also helps the connective tissue in your scalp.  All of the vitamins A, C, and E enhance skin cell turnover and collagen synthesis.  So many benefits. Lastly, Vitamin B6 will help prevent dandruff. So if you’re prone, stock up.


Polyunsaturated fatty acids, easily found in fish oil, help reduce dry scalp. Dry scalp seems to be quite common, especially with our dry winters! So if you can handle the taste….your scalp will thank you.  You can also find fish oil in capsules that you can easily swallow without any of the fishy taste.

Legumes are really awesome, not only because they combat dry scalp and dull hair colour (with protein and iron), but also because they contain Biotin. If I had to choose one supplement to rule them all for your scalp/hair, Biotin would be it. That is because it activates enzymes that aid in metabolism, which was already established as key! A deficiency of biotin can cause brittle hair, and again hair loss. You can also get biotin from egg yolks, yeast, and cereal grain products.

Remember that internal changes take 3 months to reflect on the outside, so be patient and consistent!

Other than eating your way to a healthy scalp you can benefit from regularly massaging your noggin. This is simply because increased blood flow helps to deliver nutrients and expel toxins. You can take this one step further by asking your stylist to give you a detox treatment with your next haircut, which will further protect your scalp from free radicals.

Now, for all you greaseballs out there, I haven’t forgotten about you! Any form of Vitamin B will help you, especially if combined with zinc for maximum absorption. Avoid dairy products, as the hormones in them can very well be a culprit, but the best thing you can do is arm yourself with quality products that aren’t going to make matters worse. My advice is to invest in Davines’ Normalizing and Rebalancing medicated shampoos. They are full of calming ingredients for overactive sebaceous glands, and the rebalancing specifically is also an anti-inflammatory, if you happen to also have psoriasis. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (hehe just the tip….) Seriously, Davines has tons of options for any combination of scalp issues. Some of the prescriptive medicated products even have vitamins and amino acids, antifungal properties, and so much more! They are so fantastical that I may write a separate blog to outline the Naturaltech details. Stay tuned!

-Jenny Thompson-
-Bad Ass Mother Cutter-

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