Christmas Deep thought;

This time of year always fills me with holiday joy! So as a special holiday deep thought, I’ve decided to share with a poem, by me, about my favourite part of Christmas…Krampus! Who is Krampus you ask? Why the demon that follows St. Nicholas around, stealing bad children to lock up in his dungeon of torture…so festive!!
So without further delay, my special holiday poem;

As the snow settles onto all of the moors,
Be sure to lock up all of your doors.
Barr up your windows, lock up your home,
This is the night that Krampus will roam.
Sneaking about, in each child’s room,
Krampus is bringing, destruction and gloom.
Your soul he’ll devour, in one mighty breath,
Certain to bring bad children death.
He sees you when you’re hiding; he knows when you’re awake,
So load up your guns and stock up on ammo for your safety’s sake.
I guess what I’m truly trying to say,
Is have a merry, joyous, fun holiday! 

With Love,