The season is changing, you may have noticed your hair is a little drier than usual. It’s a tell tale sign, winter is coming. I’m gonna keep it simple. Your hair needs protein and moisture. Protein keeps it strong and moisture gives you that soft silky texture, most people associate with healthy hair.

There are a ton of products on the market, but i’m going to stick to my favorite two that combat those dry winter months.

my favourite superac.jpg

It protects and conditions dry damaged hair by combating free radicals, which are the cause of hair destructuring. To sum it up, it keeps your hair strong and helps with breakage, which aids in healthy hair growth.

Apply to washed, towel-dried hair. Spray evenly all over the hair, then comb through and dry.

It’s made with Roucou Oil, and that’s cool because Roucou Oil is rich in Beta-Carotene, which helps your hair grow faster. Oi All in one Milk also detangles beautifully, reduces frizz, increases elasticity, protects against heat, adds weightless body all while speeding up drying time! Creating an immediate soft, shiny look to your locks. Davines uses only fair trade Roucou Oil, so you can feel good about buying it. If all of the above hasn’t quite sold you, it smells like pure luxury.

Spray on towel dried hair before styling. Can also be used to smooth ends before heat styling in dry hair.

Wishing you all fabulous fall hair
Mel Corkum