Whether you were blessed with curly, straight or frizzy-frazzled hair, you can rock the ever so popular beach waves style! With a few professional tips from our stylist team on products and technique you will be bangin' out beach hair in no time.

Step 1 

Once you have shampooed and conditioned with a Davines product of your choice spray in OI All in one milk. This will help detangle, give body and help hold the style... (just a few of the things this legendary product does!)

Step 2

After hair has been freshly blow dried, section out at the nape. Take a thin section of hair out for more of a controlled curl. **Thicker sectioning will give you a looser, flatter curl**

Step 3

With the top of the iron pointing towards the floor, clamp hair in and give it one twist to the left. Keeping medium pressure, slide iron down towards floor but release iron before you get to the end. By keeping the ends straight you will achieve that undone beach look rather than tight bouncy curls. **Side note: alternate your curls for a more textured style. Do same as above curl but instead, clamp, and twist to the right and slide down**

Step 4

Keep taking medium sections out until you reach the top of your hair. For pieces around the face make sure they curl separate ways. Whether they curl in or flare out is up to you!Step 5 - Now that everything is curled to your liking rake your fingers throughout for a more tousled look. Spray in the Eufora Sea Spritz spray and scrunch. Spray a bit of Eufora Details spray wax for even more texture, definition and hold.There you have it!

Practice makes perfect however keep in mind that this does NOT have to be perfect. Since this look has that roughness to it, it almost looks better the messier it is!

BOOM! Now you're a beach haired mermaid.

You're welcome.