Since our switch over to the world of Davines hair care, we have fallen head over heels with this amazing line! One of our favorites is the MINU color line in the Everyday Essentials.  Within the line is a illuminating color shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and a color enhancing spray serum. Ladies, you have to protect your color because you didn't just spend $200 on a color just to go home and wash it out with Pantene. AM I RIGHT?! Using the full MINU system will offer maximum color protection but can be mixed and matched with other Davines products to suit your hair needs. The shampoo gently cleanses while providing a rich foam action while the conditioner moisturizes without weighing even the finest of hair down. The mask and spray serum replenish to maintain that fabulous color. So while all the Herbal Essence models are faking it in the shower you can get the real deal with notes of fresh citrus and shiny healthy hair. BOOM!

MINU price list
Shampoo $30.26
Conditioner $35.20
Mask $38.50
Serum $38.50