Dearest loyal followers,
I want to touch on the taboo subject of using the N word. I hear it in the shop often, and frankly it needs to stop. Saying Natural is not ok. As a glamorous creature of the sea, I’m not entirely familiar with the customs of the walking earth. But I can help make you better. The next time you feel like being natural, just think of all the fun things you could do instead. Here’s a list to help you out, you could;
*Re-enact your parents’ divorce
*Visit a gynecologist
*Guess the flavors of gum people left under the table at a local bar
Really the list goes on and on. So the next time you want “natural” instead of mermaid hair, just remember this; when you go natural, the terrorists win.
An unbiased Mermaidologist.

*Cliptomania in no way supports or shares the views and opinions of Derek Capulet.  In fact, we donate A LOT of money to non-profit counselors to help those with low self-esteem caused by Derek.  We also pray twice as hard to make sure he doesn’t burst into flames mid client and is able to finish his work without burning the shop down.  

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