Christian here to give you tips on how to keep your hair fresh as f*ck. 

  Maintaining your newly colored Rainbow Dash hair isn't exactly rocket science but here are a few tricks to keeping it fresh!
1) Washing your hair in cold water makes a huuuuge difference. You don't have to go to extreme glacial temps and give yourself a brain freeze but as cool as you can handle. Otherwise rinsing with hot water will cause the color/colors to bleed.
2) On that note while you're finding the perfect temperature make sure your shampoo is sulfate free! Lucky for you all Davines shampoo and conditioners we carry are made without sulfates! Woohoo!
3) Most importantly for maintaining your color at home between appointments we at Cliptomania ALWAYS suggest purchasing a custom color conditioner made with our very own precious hands. They're $30 and a necessary investment. Use it at your own leisure so basically when it looks faded or dull slap the conditioner on towel dried hair, pull through with a wide toothed comb and let it marinate for 20 minutes or more. It's super moisturizing and gets your color poppin'.
**Side note** For the first few washes we wouldn't recommend using your best white towels or pillowcases unless you want a tie dye effect. So bust out the old stuff so you don't ruin any of your good goods.
And there you have it! Easy peasy keep your crazy hair steezy. BOOM!
-Christian Leigh-
-Hair Hustler at Cliptomania-