Fashion is our second favourite F-word next to ... Well, use your imagination. ;) Here at Cliptomania we are more than just a bunch of pretty faces. We dress really, really good too! DUH.
There's an explosion of killer personal style within the salon that's unique from person to person. No matter what day of the week our team is constantly setting the bar high when it comes to assembling ensembles.  When we claimed to be Saskatoon's EDGIEST high end organic salon we weren't joking...
Casual Friday? F*ck that! This is F@$h!0n Friday, bitches.


What inspired your outfit today?
I always start with one item, and build off of it and create a theme.  Sometimes it's a necklace I feel like wearing, sometimes it's eye shadow. Today it was the skirt. 

Who is your style icon and why?
It's always been Rihanna because she's a badass. But lately I've been inspired by Dita Von Teese, for her "always glamorize" mantra, and for the vintage influences she showcases. 

Where is your favorite place to shop?
-Thrift stores!
-Tonic and Urban Planet for clothing
-Le Chateau for jewelry

How would you describe your personal style?
I'm gonna stick with gothic boho, but it depends on my mood and environment. I love being decked out in comfy athletic wear on my days off, so I guess on those days I'm Sporty Spice. 

Necklace - Aldo
Ring - Borrowed from Blaze
Boots - Spring
Skirt - Below the Belt
Cardigan - Most likely a hand-me-down