Pompadours are a classic look that seem to always be in trend. With a few quick steps I will show you how to create this look on your own whether you have long or short hair.  In this tutorial I am pinning longer hair to create a faux pompadour, but you can follow the same steps on shorter hair sans pins.

 Start with wet hair. Mousse is a great product choice because to pull off this look you will need volume and hold.

pomp 1.jpg

Hair is still damp. Clip up the crown section IF it is long. Regardless of length you will want to slick the sides straight back while blow drying. For long hair use a brush; for short hair use your fingers. Use a round brush in the top section afterwards, or fingers for shorter hair, in order to maximize volume in the top.

This step is optional. I only use the flatiron if a person's hair is particularly straight or fine, because it will be much easier to work with if you put a bend in it. Take random sections, and make a giant "C" as you run the flatiron through the hair.

pomp 3.jpg

 Time to backcomb! This is essential for a pompadeour. Powder lift makes backcombing a breeze, and lifts hair away from the scalp so it's guaranteed to give you volume. Sprinkle some around the crown at the root, and then backcomb that top section. Leave the sides slick.

 If your hair is short enough you won't need to do any of this. You would just smooth the surface and hairspray. Otherwise start by pinning your sides, plus half of the top section, back. If your hair is shoulder length, you could tuck it behind your ears and let it fall naturally. The focus is last. Make sure the front of that top section has solid backcombing. Smooth it out gently, tuck the ends back and pin them. And hairspray galore! Practice the pomp. It will take patience to perfect, and that is not something you can take away from a blog. The power is in you!

pomp 5.jpg