When looking to get in for an appointment last minute, adding the words “just a quick” before whichever service you want doesn’t actually change the appointment length.  Just a quick color takes the same amount of time as a regular color. We can't squeeze in "just a color" where we don't have time for a regular color.  We know you want to get in, and if we could squeeze you in and make hair color process faster we would, we promise. But alas, fancy descriptors do not make for magical hair color that applies and processes itself in half the time. We are in an industry where time = money, so if we could fit you in, we would. Trust us. We love money, after all, burritos aren’t free.

Pro-tip: If you're only available on evenings and weekends, your chances of getting in for a color right away are pretty low. If you are one of those Mon-Fri 9-5 daytime workers, book your appointments in advance. This guarantees that you'll be able to get in when your hair needs it and you won't be stuck panicking when there are no available spots for the next 3 weeks.

That being said, here’s a rough guideline on what to budget time wise when getting your hair done. I will break them down in not only minutes but beer consumption rates (As you know, we are fully licensed, so beer is how we tell time now)
Men’s Haircuts - 45 minutes (1 beer)
Women’s Haircuts - 1 hour (1 beer)
Solid Color (darker, not lighter) - 2 hours (2 beers)
Highlights - 2 ½ hours (2 beers)
Ombre/balayage - 3 hours (3 beers and some cheezies)
Color Correction - 3 ½ hours (3 beers, some cheezies and a coffee)

 Quick tips: The more hair you have (length and thickness), the longer it will take. If you are getting your roots done but they are highlighted roots, it doesn't make the appointment any faster as we still have to foil them and process them. Also, going lighter will always take longer than going darker as bleach is needed. I hope this helps!

And there you have it! The more you know.