How to create a pop art style comic strip makeup look

1) Start with foundation & concealer! Pretty easy just cover up any blemishes or discoloration as if you were just doing a regular base for your makeup. Done.

2) Once your face is primed up and ready to go you can start on the eyes. I used a green eyeshadow but any bright color will do! So now you have your desired eyeshadow color on you can move on to the liner.

3) Eyeliner is going to be your right hand man for this look. I used a fine tipped liquid liner by NYX Cosmetics. I wanted extreme drama on the eyes so I slathered that sh*t on and winged it right out from the inner corners and out! I created a bit of a lash look on the outer corners but again... go with the flow! Have fun with it! There's tons of inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest. Mascara is a must and of course feel free to add more drama with some crazy false lashes!

4) Keep that eyeliner handy! Next I traced out a very dramatic eyebrow shape with the liner and filled it in with Kat Von D's everlasting liquid lipstick in Witches.

5) Next to get a bright blue tear drop under the eye of your choice use a face paint in blue. I chose to use NYX Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Little Denim Dress and carefully blobbed it on. Haha!

6) Next I created the "pixels" aka red dots with a generic red liquid lipstick. Unfortunately my dots weren't consistent as I used the lipstick applicator to achieve the dots. I would suggest using a q-tip and red face paint to get more even pixels. I saw some pictures online with white dots which also looked really cool! Do your thang!

7) OK, you got your brows, eyes, dots, etc etc. Now we want to see some structure on the face. To create cheek bones and cut out the jawline I used Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Witches. I swiped the applicator right across my face where I needed thicker lines. Easy! To get the frown line between the brows, nose lines & outline of tear drop I used my liquid liner for more precision lining.

8) Next is the lips! Use a vibrant color of your choice. I chose a Maybelline hot pink lipstick for extra pop! Once you have your lipstick on bust out the liquid liner once again and line them out as dramatic as you wish. To create the depth in the middle of the lips keep using the liquid liner and feather it out.

9) Last but not least ... it's time to highlight with white! I used a generic Halloween white face paint and a q-tip to add a few touches on the lips & tear drop. Done! Add a wig or spray your hair with a color spray and you are Halloween ready!