So you have probably seen Basic Bleach popping up on various social media and thinking to yourself, "what is this glorious grunge witchcraft?". Well, let me explain... My name is Christian Leigh and I'm addicted to creating cool things. It all started one day when I wore my favorite Slayer T-shirt to work. Being the slob that I am I conveniently splattered bleach on my shirt while working on a client. MY SHIRT WAS RUINED! But, I thought to myself..."this would look way cooler if I just bleached the whole damn thing!" So, I splashed my shirt in some Clorox in the tub at home, ripped it up a bit and BOOM! Everywhere I wore it people would ask where I got it and when I told them I made it they asked where they could buy one. So naturally I decided to go hard on my own personal band tee collection, made an Instagram account and literally 10 minutes after setting up the account the owner of Glitch Gifts & Novelties messaged me saying he wanted to sell them in his store! Amazing! Currently my shirts are being sold at Cliptomania, Rites of Passage Tattoo shop and Glitch.


The amount of interest and support on this project has been so overwhelmingly awesome! I've lost count of how many I have sold to date, but let me tell you...supporting local is where it's at! Saskatoon has lots of great local artists and because of people in the community purchasing local goods it helps us little guys push forward in doing what we love!


First and foremost I am a hair stylist, but I have always been a creative person and I love fashion so it only seemed right. A fun hobby has turned into a great side business for me and I couldn't be happier! Knowing that there are people in my community who own a one of a kind custom piece made with my own hands is extremely flattering. Soooooo...thank you Saskatoon! Keep supporting local!

Christian Leigh AKA Basic Bleach

You can follow my account on Instagram: @basicbleach_  Tag #basicbleach so I can see you guys rocking your T-shirts! Email: