Clarifying means deep cleansing of the hair and scalp; sometimes also involving a detox.  
If you have hair on your head that is longer than an inch, this applies to you. How often a person should clarify depends on a couple of factors. 

Coloured Hair
Nine times out of ten we DON'T want to strip away our colour, and so should definitely avoid clarifying when a colour is fresh. If said colour is a fashion shade, also known as vivids, then clarifying should only be done the day before a colour. Permanent hair colours that are more resilient can be clarified a little more; maybe once a month. 

You like to use a lot of product on the regular, such as powder, waxes and gels, hairspray, and/or texture sprays. These specific styling aids can build up on your hair. You may notice there is a buildup if your hair is dull and/or heavy. Getting volume will become a challenge, and styling it in general will become more challenging. If this sounds like you, you should clarify every 5-8 washes whether your hair is coloured or not. 

Your hair is over-processed. If chemicals like lightener (bleach) and perm solutions have taken their toll on your hair, clarifying is probably not for you. If your hair is overly dry and brittle from these chemicals but your scalp needs a cleanse, we offer an in-salon service that is a scalp scrub/detox. the product we use for this doesn't necessarily get worked through the hair, therefore is a great option. 

The two clarifying shampoos we carry are Davines' Solu and Malibu's Un-do-goo. They are both vegan and gluten-free, paraben free, and sulfate free. They are the most gentle and moisturizing of clarifiers. They will take away the grime and bring back the vitality that your hair needs. If you haven't yet incorporated clarifying into your routine, there's no time like the present! 

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