Fashion is our second favourite F-word next to ... Well, use your imagination. ;) Here at Cliptomania we are more than just a bunch of pretty faces. We dress really, really good too! DUH. There's an explosion of killer personal style within the salon that's unique from person to person. No matter what day of the week our team is constantly setting the bar high when it comes to assembling ensembles. When we claimed to be Saskatoon's EDGIEST high end organic salon we weren't joking... Casual Friday? F*ck that! This is F@$h!0n Friday, bitches.

If you could raid one celebrities closet whose would you choose?
JENESSA FROM THE BLOCK (JFTB): This is going to sound super basic of me but probably Khole Kardashian. She has the perfect amount of hood and class.
SAIGE: Anyone that is pregnant so I don't have to buy new stuff all the time.

What is your most memorable "what was I thinking" outfit?
JFTB: Oh boy, where do I start. Let's just say I was a awkward teen that had 5 older brothers, and didn't know how to girl.
SAIGE: Haha my boyfriend's sweat pants and sweater I wear to Walmart

Do you have a favorite getting ready song or playlist?
JFTB: Obviously the queen herself- formation by Beyoncé ... Because I slay...
SAIGE: Anything 90's R&B/hip hop

Any fashion advice/tips for our lovely readers?
Cliche but go with what makes you feel like a boss ass bitch! Don't worry about the haters. Just slay.
SAIGE: I don't know, I'm pregnant, so my fashion advice generally falls around the subject of not wearing tight pants or other things that push on your already smushed bladder.

Shoes - Michael kors
Leggings - Garage
Tank top - bluenotes
Plaid top - Urban Planet men's section.
Watch - Michael kors
Puppy - Stolen from Zelda

Plaid top - Old Navy
Tank top - Garage
Black pants - Lulu Lemon
Shoes - Stolen from my sisters closet