How to tell the difference
between a haircut and a trim

Step 1) Quick consultation at the chair.
Step 2) Shampoo and condition at the sink with the most lavish organic products from Davines!
Step 3) After being draped and caped the shears come out and the magic starts! Going from waist length hair to a chin length textured bob? Sure! *snip snip*
Step 4) Alllllll of the amazing styling products just for you!
Step 6) Most likely some hot tool styling to get you looking extra fly andddddd you guessed it! More product to finish the look. 

Step 1) hmmmm.... OK wait ... Every step is EXACTLY the same except for step three, you probably only want to lose an inch or two and clean up the layers, right? Right! 
The only notable difference between a trim and haircut is the length of hair removed. They take the same amount of time, energy and product which means there's no price difference. The more you know. 
*if you haven't picked up on it already, this may be a sore spot for stylists...

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