This week Christian is showcasing all of the amazing outfits/finds she got from the clothing swap we hosted last Sunday here at the shop. Not only did a lot of you leave with bags full of sweet swag but we also had over 30 industrial sized garbage bags STUFFED FULL of clothes to donate to local non-profits across the city! On top of that we had a ton of stuff to donate to dress for success!! Doing good things never looked so good! We love all you thrifty fashionistas that are helping our clothing swaps grow bigger and greater every time! 

Dress & belt: Clothing swap
Necklace: gift
Knee socks : unknown ....
Creepers : urban outfitters

Dress : clothes swap
Jean jacket : hand me down
Necklace : Claire's

Dress : clothes swap
Hat : Cliptomania
Knee socks : unknown ...
Bracelet : Ardene's

Same dress styled two ways
Look 1
Dress : clothes swap
Hat : urban planet.
Sheer kimono : clothes swap.
Necklace : dynamite.
Look 2
Dress : Clothes swap ...
beanie : white dahlia.
Necklace : someone left it at my house ..
bracelet : Aldo

Sequin Top & leather-look pants : clothes swap.
Beanie : white dahlia.
Necklace : got left at my house

Sweater : clothing swap (added holes myself ... take that Kanye!)
Necklace : La vie lente.
Black jeans : Ardene's.
Hat : somewhere in Winnipeg.

Tennis shirt : clothes swap.
Jeans : Ardene's.
Ring: clothes swap.
Necklace: folkfest India pavilion

If you didn't already know, hopefully this blog has helped you figure it out, clothing swaps are clearly the greatest! We will be having our next one in the fall so stay tuned for more details! Due to the exceptionally large number of people interested and the growing attendance rates we will be hosting it at a larger venue. I can't wait!!!