Step 1
 Start with 3 sections. The front is from ear to ear. The bottom is about 3 inches of the nape, and the middle is relatively round.
(Don't worry about perfect sections. You will just end up with a tousled look.)

Step 2
Put the middle round section into a ponytail. Don't pull the length of the hair all the way through the last loop. Then make two loose braids out of the bottom section.

Step 3
Criss-cross those two braids as you pull them around the base of your ponytail, and pin them by their elastics at the top.

Step 4
Sweep all of the front section to the right, except for a small piece which you will braid. You can make that braid as little or large as you like.

Step 5
Let the rest sit as loosely as possible, only pinning where necessary. This part needs a lot of hairspray. Seriously, you can't use too much! I've kept it in a clean wave, but as an alternative you could curl it more, for that more textured look.

Step 6
Tuck in and pin the frontal braid, and you're done!