Davines' Oil Non Oil is something that simply put, acts like an oil without actually being an oil. What this means is that you can enjoy all the deep conditioning benefits of an oil with the least amount of weight. Fine haired folk rejoice! If you are also static prone, holla. This is your new best friend!
 That being said, the non-oil can be used on all hair types, in damp or dry hair. It should be combed through mid-shaft to ends. And I promise it absorbs quickly and won't leave any residue!
  For the science fanatics like myself: The ingredient in this one that is the most interesting is a radish root ferment filtrate. It has been found to be a natural preservative and anti-microbial. So your non-oil can't harbor harmful bacteria.
  If that doesn't do it for you, the satiny feel of it will. Ask your stylist for a demo at your next appointment!