Fashion is our second favourite F-word next to ... Well, use your imagination. ;) Here at Cliptomania we are more than just a bunch of pretty faces. We dress really, really good too! DUH. There's an explosion of killer personal style within the salon that's unique from person to person. No matter what day of the week our team is constantly setting the bar high when it comes to assembling ensembles. When we claimed to be Saskatoon's EDGIEST high end organic salon we weren't joking... Casual Friday? F*ck that! This is F@$h!0n Friday, bitches.

What do you think will be big hits fashion wise for 2016?
Androgynous looks will for sure take the scene by storm. Simple items with less or no pattern, loose-fitted boyfriend tees and slacks.

If you could give any celebrity a total makeover who would you choose and why?
Miley Cyrus. I feel like the reasons are obvious...

What do you splurge on?
I splurge on the staples. Things that I know I won't get bored of and that I will wear frequently for the next 5 years. Also, leggings. Can't cheap out on those!

One thing about you that our readers would be surprised to know aaaand GO!
When I go to the bathroom at night I check the shower for zombies. It's entirely reasonable....

I bought both my dress and my shoes in Venice, Italy. The choker that never comes off is from the Whimsy Store, which is on 33rd, and is worth checking out if you love to shop local!!