This summer we hope you have every opportunity to achieve beach hair the legit way; by not washing it, swimming, sunning and sanding it up!
But if you have to fake it, it's actually pretty easy. You just need three things: a 1inch or larger curling iron, texturizing spray, and powder.

 Start with limp clean hair that doesn't do anything!

 Take big sections. Irregular is ok. Curl from the root down half of the length, or 3/4 the way down. LEAVE THE ENDS OUT.

Curl away from your face on either side. The respective curls will meet in the middle of the back of your head, as shown in the photo.

Now your products come into play. The powder acts like the sand; it provides grit and volume. Sprinkle it around the roots and rub it in! Backcombing is optional. The texturizing spray defines and further separates the ends. Be generous with it! Shake your hair around and mess it up.

 Voila! Finito! You woke up like this.