Fashion Shades: How to tell if You're about that Life

Let me begin by saying that what follows is my professional and individual opinion on the topic of fashion shades. This opinion is derived from both the fact that fashion shades have exploded in popularity in the last two years, and the fact that I myself had ONLY fashion shades in my hair for a year straight. 
 If that photo you have saved from the Internet #hairgoals at all resembles the colours of any variety of Skittles, you had better be prepared.
 Consider that any fashion shade is NOT a permanent, therefore doesn't act like a permanent in any manner. Permanent colours drive colour molecules into your hair shaft and these molecules are locked in by a chemical process. Fashion shades merely sit on the surface of the hair shaft. This means that they are easily washed away. And that's not all. the sun makes them fade dramatically. Hot tools make them fade. Even your pillow can rub the colour off, as this colour is merely a stain.  Before you wash your hair even once, your unicorn colour is already fading. I've had some fashion shades stay vibrant for 4 or 5 washes, and I've had some that faded in just a single wash. Every experience is different. Fashion shades are a fickle bitch, and extremely unpredictable.
 For this reason, many people choose to refresh it every single wash with a colour depositing conditioner. But this only works if you have an entire head of one shade, rainbow balayages don't have that option.
 That being tried and true, consider also that although your teal hair could fade to mint in exactly 3 days, it's also possible that the mint can decide to take up residence for the next 3 months, if you aren't in the Jamaican sun. Therefore,  to remove it,  we often have to bleach it out.
 Now you are starting to get an idea of how fickle fashion shades really are, they are high maintenance. You cannot wash your hair in warm water, and you should ideally only wash it once or twice a week. You NEED the colour depositing conditioner. If you require any maintenance from your hairstylist to bring back vibrancy to your color or touch it up, it will not be free. Also, you cannot put a fashion shade on remotely dark hair, it needs to be as light as possible. If you are not already naturally really blonde, we will have to bleach you out to that point before any fashion shade is possible.
 Two more important things to always always remember:
1) Your #hairgoals Pinterest/Instagram picture was taken before the person left that salon. You're not seeing if after they've spent a day in the sun and washed it with Herbal Essences. And the photo is also likely photoshopped!!
2) You are not paying your hairstylist based on how long a colour lasts, but based on their SKILL, their TIME, and product usage! Always, always remember we are professionals.
 So now that you have this awesome knowledge you are better prepared to make that decision; to fashion shade or to not? Are you really about that life? Cause it aint easy

Jenny Thompson
Hair Countess