This product of the month is the product of the year for some people! Volume seekers: it will blow your mind.
Introducing a volumizer and texturizer that not only works really well, but feels natural. Living Proof's Amp is a cushiony springy kind of hair cream. Before putting it in your hair, you will have to work it in your hands until it goes clear. Then you can muss up your hair with it. Styling dry hair, only put it on the ends, and apply it from the underneath up. Flip your head upside down if you like. You'll be amazed at how Amp makes your hair defy gravity!

 For the science buffs like myself, the technology behind this product is pretty cool. Traditional volumizers/texturizers provide only friction, by coating the hair in something that will harden like a shell over it and eventually break apart, sometimes also breaking your hair off. They are also heavy over time, and therefore aren't long-lasting. All of this is avoided with the Living Proof volume molecule, which acts more like beads scattered across your hair, and cushion inbetween each strand. They basically create longlasting, weightless bumpers!

 So that's Amp in a nutshell. Experience it for yourself at your next appointment!