Here's a 2 for 1! Because they are the same but different haha.
Introducing Living Proof! A new product line Cliptomania is carrying because obviously it meets our standards of awesome. This blog zeros in on the No Frizz products of Living Proof, specifically the sprays. They both block humidity, keeping your hair from fuzzing out all day long! They will take you from a mangy lions mane to sleek like a black panther!
The first is the styling spray, which is meant for wet hair. It is best for fine or thin hair that is prone to frizz. You use it by spraying it on damp locks and combing it through. Any kind of blowdrying/styling may follow. This spray has absolutely no buildup, and blocks humidity 70% better than silicones and oils.
The second is the humidity shield, which is meant to be used as a finishing spray for dry hair. It stops frizz 100%. It has anti-static properties, UV protectants, and smoothing emollients. It is ideal for any hair type. You can spray it all over when you are done styling, and/or before putting your hair in a braid, bun, etc.
So whether you are in a different warmer country, or are just battling the humidity we sometimes get here in Saskatoon, Living Proof has got you covered. Stay sleek, my panther friends!

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