What’s a no show? It’s when someone books an appointment and then just doesn’t show up. Why should you never do this? Because what you do is book the time of a person who earns their living doing services, and when you no show, you just blocked out part of their day so they can sit there, reflect on their career choices and not make money.  If you can’t make an appointment, call and let someone know. I get calling to cancel may make you feel bad, or awkward and phones are scary BUT it’s very much appreciated. If you can give the person you’re cancelling on a heads up that you can’t make it, then they can open up that spot you’ve reserved to someone else and hopefully fill it so they can earn some cash, instead of just sitting there, worrying about what’s happened to you or why you hate them. If you don’t call and cancel, they don’t have time to replace the spot you’ve taken up. Life happens, we get it, trust us, we’re stylists, we get chaos, so if something comes up and you can’t make it, be a doll and call and let us know.  This goes for anyone you need to book an appointment for, not just us super needy stylists. 

*The more you know*

And now for a fever dream inspired comic. *It should be noted that this is not based on true events from the past or future.