This blog is brought to you by Derek and Jenny. It is an intermediate-advanced updo, for those who pin their own hair or others' regularly and are feeling adventurous. The look is vintage-inspired, a little on the fancy side but doesn't have to be.

Section the hair from behind ear to ear, and section the occipital/nape area. Use that bottom section to create a low bun or roll. Curl each section as you go, and add lots of backcombing to that bottom section, as that is where you want the most volume.

Once you have secured the bun, curl everything above it, 2 inch sections at a time. After each curl try sculpting it creatively enhancing the curves as you pin it. Pin at the point of each curve. Cross your pins if it feels loose.

Decide where you want to part your hair. Start with the side with less hair, and continue with step 2 but with bigger sections and more volume if desired. You could also choose to do a roll rather than a wave. Remember, where you'd like more volume you must backcomb first.

Do the same with the other side, but leave some at the very top by the part. That top hair gets even more backcombing! Think of it as a pompadour. Make it big.

Gently smooth the surface of your "pompadour" with a comb or your fingers. Spray it or add wax. Then sculpt your final magnificent wave with it, backwards and to the side.

Hairspray as you finesse, gently pulling on flat spots, just enough to loosen them a little. Put on your high waisted denim and a bandana around your neck, and you are now ready for a pinup photo shoot! Boom