At Cliptomania we've developed a reputation for being organic; for some it is the reason they seek us out. Others who come for our mad skills, awesome personalities, or humility, may wonder why we use an organic colour line? The answer is simple; It works just as well as "regular" colour lines but skips the harsh toxins.
Organic colour lines use naturally derived, raw and sustainable ingredients wherever possible. (Our main squeeze Essensity boasts 90% natural ingredients)  They are ammonia free and sometimes also PPD free. These are just a couple harsh chemicals that have been ditched. Add to the list parabens, artificial fragrances, and formaldehyde derivatives...yuk.
          Instead, our organic colour lines have vitamins and something called ectoin that stabalize the proteins in your hair, therefore protecting the hair's structure. Essensity uses plant based oils that contain lipids very close to those found in naturally healthy hair. It will leave your hair shiny and conditioned, and feeling better than it did before you coloured it. With beautiful pigments that last and last. 
Science aside, our organic hair colours have almost no smell, and greatly reduce scalp irritations. I have also found that it stains the skin significantly less than "regular" colour lines. 
          Organic hair colour is pretty well a no-brainer for sticklers who want quality and wellness, and at Cliptomania we highly value both. And because you get what you pay for, (quality ingredients) organic colour lines cost more. If you value your hard earned money like most humans, ask yourself if you value your hair too....because you know what they say: good hair ain't cheap and cheap hair ain't good!