Hello all, it is I, Cliptomania’s resident mermaidologist and reigning queen of everything, Derek. If you’re interested in lengthening or locks, or adding volume, or even becoming a full-on mermaid, you probably have a lot of questions. Fear not, I’m here to guide you through this magical journey of fakery and instant gratification. So, before you start to google, youtube and consult here are a few frequently asked questions, answered by yours truly.

Q: What types of extensions do we offer here at Cliptomania?

A: Although I’m licensed to install every type on the market, I offer clip ins, wigs, dreads, weaves, micro link, Nano bead, braids, twists and tape ins. I no longer offer the keratin fusion, or any type of melty gluey hot mess that will pretty much just fuck your hair up.

Q: Where do I acquire the hair?

A: You have an array of options. You can purchase the hair through our salon (a pre-paid deposit of $220 is required on sew ins and wigs, and tape ins must be pre-paid before ordered). Or you can purchase the hair yourself elsewhere and bring it in with you.

Q: What am I looking at for cost?

A: Extensions are $120 an hour for installation, and the cost of the hair depends on the type of extensions you are looking to have put in. Weave hair can range any where from $220-$440, whereas tape ins range from $240-$2000. Honestly it depends on length, colour, and thickness. Consultations are complimentary.

Q: Why is weave hair so much more affordable?

A: Unfortunately, in the weave world, you get what you pay for. Tape in extension are put through a much more expensive process to manufacture and typically require a third of the maintenance of weave and last about three times as long. If you are new to extensions or change your hair often, weave hair is a great intro to the wonderful world of fake hair.

Q: How long does my real hair have to be to put extensions in?

A: Here’s where things get tricky and you find out I’m a hair witch. I can put extensions into any length, and fix anything. HOWEVER, the shorter your real hair is, the more maintenance and more expensive and more time consuming your fake hair is going to be. Can I make your chemical pixie cut a beautiful waist length Victorias Secret fantasy…yes, yes I can. But don’t forget that fake hair is a luxury product for a luxury service. Ideally your real hair should touch your shoulders, this reduces cost and maintenance significantly. 

Q:Can I colour my extensions?

A: Yes, yes you can, in most situations. Unless they are a blend of human and true to life fiber, or if they have already been artificially coloured by a manufacturer. Can I bleach out your black extensions? Probably not. I can however, pastel your blonde extensions. It all depends on quality, but trying to take any extensions lighter in any circumstance is never recommended.

I hope this helps in your quest for Beyonce-esque locks. If you have any other questions you’d like answered, feel free to comment or message them to me. You can also call our shop at 306.668.6611, or book a complimentary consult,