A letter to St. Valentine, Patron Saint of Assholes.


Judging by the title of this deep thought, it is safe to assume that I’m bitter, and it’s February. So to get my emotions off of my chest I’ve decided to write a letter to St. Valentine. You know, that asshat that started this bullshit holiday. Without further a due, here are my thoughts.
Dear St. Valentine,  Fuck you.
Love Derek.

My original letter was just a piece of paper I spit on, but I couldn’t scan it properly for this blog. To try be less bitter, I thought I would join in the festivities this year. I started by flushing hundreds of dollars down my toilet. Then to finish off my participation, I had “dude-oir” pics taken, that I’m sure I’ll never regret. I’ve decided to include a few pics for your visual enjoyment. If anyone needs me that day, I will be eating my weight in chocolate. Happy V-Day peasants.