Hello all, Derek here, with something that’s informative and helpful for once. Today I would like to let you know about why everyone should be using gelatin powder in their daily life. We all have smart phones, and we can all simply look up its benefits, but I’m here to breakdown the facts in terms we don’t hate reading.  So without further ado, I present to you, Derekity Slicket’s; A Series Of Gelatinous Events…

Gelatin was first discovered in ancient Egypt when extra terrestrial beings of light passed its secrets on to the great pharaoh Hotepsekhemwy. In its primitive stages gelatin was used in powder form as an elixir for everlasting life. By dusting layers of gelatin on their skin, Egyptian monarchs were able to attain ever lasting life. Unfortunately, like most of the ancient worlds secrets, gelatin was lost for centuries. It wouldn’t be rediscovered until 1682 by Denis Papin in france. The list of benefits of ingesting gelatin in powder form on a daily basis is astounding.

By taking two tablespoons twice daily you’ll experience the following;
-Improved sleep quality
-Improved health of your skin
-Help maintaining a healthy heart
-Help maintaining healthy joints and bones
-Improved health and growth of hair
-Improved cognitive abilities
-Lowered joint pain
-Improved immune function
-Improved social life
-Reversal of the aging process
-Possible instant fame
-And in some instances, god like abilities.

So ask yourself, why am I not taking this miracle treatment? Don’t you want to be young, beautiful and popular forever?