This is currently a popular style online and in the streets of Saskatoon. You can combine buns and braids in any way you want, and you'll be trendy a.f. 
If you are a little bit practiced, you don't even need a mirror to do this particular style. 

1. Start with clean hair, dirty hair, straight, or curly; doesn't matter. Section your hair into three sections. The first one is ear to ear, across the top of your head. The other two make up the remaining hair, but parted wherever you like. I have chosen a mild side part for a slightly assymetric look. 

2. Take the entire back section into a ponytail. On the last pass, don't pull the hair all the way through. Pinch the tops together and pin them to the top of the ponytail. Add as many pins are needed to secure a shapely bun. Also wrap the ends of the ponytail around the base and pin to tuck them away. 

3. French or Dutch braid your front two sections on a backward diagonal. Loosen it as you go or leave it snug. Secure each braid with an elastic. 

4. Criss-cross each braid back and ontop of the bun, around either side of it. Pin the braids in place, taking care to hide the pins as well as the loose ends. 

Again, you can loosen hairs for a messier look if you so choose. Another option that is super trendy right now is to leave out a few tendrils along the hairline. Soft and pretty, and so 90's. 

Practice it my friends, and tag us in your selfies!! 

Good day.