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Ok so let’s start with why you should treat yourself to luscious tape in locks. First and foremost ... LENGTH. I mean that’s the whole concept of EXTENSIONS, right?! Who doesn’t want to Beyonce hair flip across town?? Secondly ... skip the length if that’s not your thing and add some volume and thickness. Let’s face it not everyone is blessed with thick hair. Lastly ... maybe your hair sucks and won’t hold fun color! Slap some hair in for an added pop of fun and call it a day! Whichever category you fall into let me tell you...tape ins will be one of the best decisions you could ever make! They’re the least damaging of all the extension types and fairly low maintenance. Ok, I do hair that’s great...but I hate doing my own hair. I’ve personally been wearing them on and off for five years and have never run into any issues.

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Wash them like you would your normal hair BUT make sure your shampoo and conditioner is SULFATE FREE!!! Sulfates will soften the glue on the tapes which will result in them falling out and you being an unhappy camper. Luckily for you all the products we carry at Cliptomania are sulfate free so there’s no excuses! You can use styling products, hot tools, combs, brushes etc etc on your extensions as well. I would recommend the Wet Brush on your hair just in general! Those bad boys can bust through any knot with ease and without damage. Cool cool cool.

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Let’s talk prices ... this is the part that usually scares the pants off people. They’re not cheap but you know the old saying... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It’s the whole truth and nothing but truth! The average head needs around 3+ packs of hair and prices do vary depending on length and color. I have a client who buys one pack of  10-12” 20 pieces (10 sandwiches ... yes that’s what we call them) in platinum blonde and we fill out her fringe area to make her short cut more dramatic. The cost is around $330 for the hair plus $120 installation. Consultations are FREEEEEEE so get your butt down here and let’s talk about it!

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After you have purchased your hair you are good to go. I’ve kept mine for up to a year and have many clients that have done the same. I get it’s a shock like “WTF I JUST SPENT HOW MUCH ON HAIR??!!!” But as long as you take care of them then you’re golden!

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So now to debunk something that really bugs me out... “my hair was falling out when I got my extensions re-tabbed!!” No. Not exactly. See everyone’s hair sheds everyday in the car, the shower, the grocery store. Girl your hair isn’t falling out. Whatever your head was trying to shed is stuck between a sandwich of tape tabs and when removed you’re seeing this hair “fall out” just so we’re clear, ok? Great. Also yeahhhh for SURE your hair feels fine and wimpy... you just removed a plethora of perfect hair extensions that made you feel like Rapunzel! So glad to get that off my chest because I hear this often and I just gotta shake my head and giggle to myself.

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ANYWAY the quality and texture of the Babe and HotHead tape in extensions are unbeatable. Let me say it again for the people in the back... UNBEATABLE!!! Treat yo damn self and take the plunge into the extension lifestyle. You don’t regret it thanks for reading my ramblings y’all!!! Xoxo Christian Leigh

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