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Remember how drugs can bind to your hair? Well guess whaaaaat; that's not all! Minerals will also bind to your hair, and some will physically deposit on the surface of your hair and scalp. They reduce the effectiveness of colour services much like drug binding will, but can also come with extra baggage...and it's not good my friends. Read on to learn more about these stealthy foes.

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-minerals that will affect your hair are found in water; in your shower, swimming pools, lakes, etc. 

-water coming from underground is filtered through more minerals, while surface water is filtered less but is also treated with chlorine and lime. Chlorine and lime are undesirable because they "team up" with mineral deposits on your hair to literally damage your hair.

-hard water that contains a lot of minerals can cause colours to fade quicker than normal, or highlights that seem to disappear

-minerals bind to the protein in your hair. They will form a wall of sorts that will block colours, perms, and relaxers

-sometimes these deposits will discolour your hair. Copper can make light hair go green and dark hair go darker. Iron makes a rusty orange or red appearance, and lead deposits are black.

 -copper will additionally weigh your hair down. It will make it dull and stiff. Swimmers have certainly noticed this.

-calcium is colourless, but can build up on the scalp. This kind of buildup flakes off like dandruff and clogs the hairs' follicles which blocks new hair growth

-water borne silica, found in deserts and volcanic areas, also causes flakes and hair loss. 


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Thanks for reading, my friends!