Best of is Back and We Need Your Help

Best of Saskatoon is back and the nominations start now!
Best of is Planet S' annual round-up of Saskatoon’s best people, places and things. We've won best hair salon two years in a row and we can't stop now. Only this time we want our stylists to take home stylist of the year as well.  Blaze Wylde is also running for Esthetician of the year. 

We need as many nominations as we can get to make it to round 2 and would very much appreciate your help in getting there. Let's take home 4 categories this year! 

We can't thank you enough for your nominations and for all of your support over the last three years and look forward to another amazing year with all of you. You crazy people are what make us love what we do. 

Keep scrolling down and find the handy how to on how to nominate your favorite stuff in Saskatoon.  The nomination polls close on September 21st, 2015 so get at it!

A Handy How to by Zelda for You

A step by step guide on how to nominate your favorite people, places and things in Saskatoon for this years Planet S' best of. 

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Register for an account if you don’t already have one. You will need to give your email and postal code to prove you are a unique human that lives in Saskatoon. They do not send out junk mail or spam your account, there are laws against that now so ha. You will also create a password, remember that password as you will need it again to vote once the polls open on September 23rd. All nominations are counted as votes, however, not all nominees make it to the final round. Plus coming back to vote for everything is the best part.

Step 3 - Pick the category Hair and Beauty

Step 4 - In this category you can vote for the following;
Best Esthetician - Blaze Wylde from Cliptomania
Best Hair Salon - Cliptomania
Best Men’s Hairstylist - Write in your favorite Clipto Stylist and Cliptomania
Best Women’s Hairstylist - Write in your favorite Clipto Stylist and Cliptomania

Step 5 - Nominate 16 other people/places to be entered into a grand prize draw to win over $1000 worth of swag

Step 6 - Tell all of your friends to do the same thing

Step 7 - Go treat yourself, you deserve it, you did a good thing today, you made a stylist happy. Have you ever seen an upset stylist? No? Well thanks to you, we’ve avoided one more day of that hell on earth.

Step 8 - If none of this made any sense to you and you need some IT help you can always call me at the shop and I will walk you through it. However, if you are hip enough to read a blog, I feel like you're hip enough to vote online without supervision.