Here at Cliptomania we are always searching for products that are clean, safe for the environment and that are performance driven. Davines blew us away. 
The first thing that caught our attention is that their main goal is to create products that are sustainable.

Sustainable beauty is so important. The beauty industry is a large one and can have adverse effects on our environment. If everyone who was purchasing beauty products was more conscious of what products they were using, our environment would be a much better place for it. Sustainability is the the capacity to endure, it’s about supporting biodiversity, making sure generations after us have what they need to survive. In part of this belief system, Davines is a part of the LifeGate Zero Impact Project. This project offsets carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of their products. Davines was awarded the 2014 ambassador's award for their committed stance to their belief system in the project.

Not only are they apart of the LifeGate Zero Impact Project, but they manufacture and produce using only energy from renewable sources. Everything that is produced is then packaged in food safe, reusable containers, using the minimum amount of plastic required to protect the integrity of their beautiful products.

Let’s talk about performance. Davines has a wide variety of products designed and formulated for all hair and scalp issues. With their use of Phytoceuticals and active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia Farms (which also protects biodiversity) your hair will never be the same. It’s high performance. The outcome is weightless, shiny hair and a healthy scalp without the use of sulphates, parabens and being mean to mother nature. Check them out! Your hair and the environment with thank you.

Mel Corkum
Stylist & Educator

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