As our resident Bro-ologist, and the second manliest stylist on staff here at Cliptomania, I’m going to give you my secrets on growing out your beard. That way you too can feel like Bro-sidan, king of the Bro-cean.  Following my steps to success may seem difficult at first, but you just need to give it 110%, no ragrets (not even one letter)!

(I)                 Treatments; At least once a week I wear white sunglasses in public

(II)               Diet; I drink Bro-tein in my coffee every day, as well as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables like bro-nanas, and brot-tatoes.

(III)             Exercise; I don’t do it…just seemed like I should list it though?

(IV)             Weather/growing environment; Always make it rain.

(V)             Product! The only real advice in this list. Beards are naturally dryer than your hair; this is because they are comprised of a different chemical complex than your hair. Keeping them hydrated as well as your skin beneath your beard is vital. Using beard oil that ensures that your beard will stay soft, and not break. Just as it will keep your skin hydrated, creating an environment that will enable the finer hair to grow out, and filling your beard in. You will also want to make sure that the oil going on your skin is safe for you, and not full of heavy perfumes, and synthetic fillers. It’s the finer hair that makes a beard fuller. Prairie Boys Supply co. is one of the best options, being organic oil, tested out by yours truly here in the shop. They also make bad-ass beard pomades to keep everything into place, and smelling great!

I hope you found these steps helpful! If you’re finding this difficult to follow, starting out simply with step V will suffice