Why Organic?


If someone asked you to put formaldehyde and ammonia on your head and hair and let it sit for 30 minutes, you would probably say no but the reality is that's what people do every time they sit down for a colour service in a salon.

I’ve been a hairstylist for 12 years and was inspired to change up the “conventional chemical filled hair salon” after a medical diagnosis confirmed I had developed adult onset allergies to an industry I am in love with. Instead of giving up my passion for hair, I started researching a natural alternative.

"I discovered that not only was there an organic approach to the beauty industry, but there was a vast amount of people searching for the same alternative."





In my research I discovered large groups of people who were also searching for alternative options for their beauty needs.  Whether it be people with allergies, sensitivities or others simply looking to make a healthy choice in the products they use. I tested organic/natural hair colour, hair care, styling products, makeup and skin care on myself as well as some of the most sensitive people I know.  I quickly realized this was the 21st century of luxury hair & beauty services. We at Cliptomania have outsourced some of the world's cleanest products. 

Our clients can instantly see the difference in quality when the unnecessary chemicals are removed. 

There are endless benefits to using natural/organic products. The benefits of using organic colour are astounding. Organic colour is odourless, does not stain the skin and contains no parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, formaldehyde, ammonia or BPD’s. It’s longer lasting and does not dry out your hair, in fact, it will improve the integrity of your hair with continued use. It is also beneficial for moisturizing curly or coarse hair types. 





There are also many benefits to using clean makeup. Most makeup contains harsh chemicals and additives that are harmful to your skin and overall health. Keeping that in mind, 60%-80% of what you’re putting on your skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Which is why we choose to carry SST cosmetics, a brand that is health conscience and free of all harsh chemicals. It is made from naturally occurring ingredients which your skin will thank you for. 

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